Advertising - Outdoor Audience


1. Can be donne audience measurement on Outdoor in Romania?

If you are thinking that is no possible, than you are in right place, the answer is:


2. What I need in order to make an audience measurement on my Outdoor network?

All you need is an excell sheet containing your ooh network with information about site's code, size, adress and catalog/monitoring pictures of locations.

3. What I need to do in order to find the audience on my Outdoor network?

All you need to do is: send a request on mail to the adress you will find on this site rest of work is my job.

4. Which are the information I will get ?

I will delivery next information:

  1. Gross views

  2. Net views

  3. National reach

  4. Local reach

  5. IS - impact score

5. How outdoor measurement audience is calculated?

Oudoor audience measurement is making starting from traffic data in front of each location, the information are introducing in a program wich is calculating IS for each location and return potential audience figures for each location.

6. How Net Views are calculated?

The traffic data is analyzed related to the frequency that the target are passing from the same point, in that way, the target are splited in two category, freqwent passing and aleatory passing, so the program estimate the frequency and can delivery net views related to campaign perriod.

7. How LRPs figures can help me?

The LRPs can provide you some information about your's network in order to optimize it;  

together with other information, you can find if your campaing is over-exposure or under-exposure, or wich is recomandation for the layout campaign duration, or set the duration of campaign according with size of network;

about this information I will write details soon on blog section.

8. How much i have to pay for audience on my network?

Will be a fair price and insignifiant related to Campaign overall cost; a price offer will be send it to you on request receiving.

9. I have to order audience only for all network?

No, you can ask audience even for one single location.

10. This system work only for Romania?

VIEW are able to make audience measurement on outdoor all over the world.  

For that cities were traffic data are existing, the GRP can be provided by program throw outdoor support analyze, but for obtaining NET VIEWS, there is neccesary some surveys in order to obtain traffic structural information.